It is a dark time in the galaxy. The evil Galactic Empire has spread from the Deep Core to the Outer Rim, and everywhere the Empire’s tyranny can be felt.
Fleeing from the oppression of the Emperor’s minions, agents of Senator Bail Organa have run to a remote space station above Brentaal. Known to be a vocal opponent of the Empire, Organa may be the last hope to the galaxy.
In hopes of stopping these dissidents before they can reach the Senator, the Empire alerted its forces on Sel Zonn Station, where the struggles for liberty rages on,and the first sparks of rebellion have begun to burn…

Welcome all to the story of the rise of the Rebellion that will overthrow the tyrannical Darth Sidious and his dark empire. Those who wish to become apart of this untold story may join the Alderaanian Resistance, open to almost all known species of the galaxy(excluding the Ewok due to their true discovery being during the final years of the Empire at the battle of Endor), and are to follow the standard laws of the Saga edition, in addition of your characters’ own uniqueness over others, please consult with me of this customizations to better understand your purpose in this storyline.

Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance Episode I: Traitor's Gambit